Friday, March 12, 2010

A Smooth Racer 5 and Harsh Arrogant Bastard

Both of these beers where part of a larger assortment of beers that I received as gifts this last Christmas and its been quite a while since I've had either of them.

I had forgotten how much I liked Racer 5 from Bear Republic Brewing. Dark copper colour with a creamy head that it retains until the bottom of the glass. It smells awesome with strong aromas of citrus and pine. A sweet tropical fruit flavour to start, it finishes dry with a lingering taste of grapefruit bitterness. Very smooth mouthfeel for 7% ABV and 75 IBU. A very drinkable and refreshing IPA.

And then came the Arrogant Bastard from Stone Brewing. I can't remember the last time I actually had one and now I think I know why. A dark amber colour with a thin head that dissipated quickly. Aromas of sweet caramel and citrus. Sweet malt flavours dominate the start with a strong and very bitter finish. Sticky with a lingering harsh aftertaste of hops and alcohol, more then I remember it having. And the warmer it got, the harsher it got. There is definitely nothing subtle about this beer. It's not that I dislike it entirely, but it might be a while before I feel "worthy" again.

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