Monday, December 28, 2009

A Very Beery Christmas

My wife's family has a white elephant gift exchange at Christmas and I managed to steal a bag of mixed craft beer from her grandfather (who doesn't drink anyway) and defend it from being stolen from me (fortunately, not too many of them like to drink craft beer). Later on, I was also given a box of mixed beer from my in-laws as a Christmas gift. I ended up receiving 24 bottles (almost all bombers) of various great craft beer for Christmas. It even included a couple that I hadn't tried yet such as the Blue Moon Grand Cru and the Hopus Ale. I lined up all the bottles on a work bench in the garage and took a quick photo before I started in on them:

I received all these after my brother-in-law and I drank the magnum of Anchor Christmas Ale, Rogue Santa's Private Reserve (2008), St. Bernardus Christmas Ale and a bottle of my own homebrewed Holiday Cheer from last year. The entire day was finished off by enjoying a bottle of Stone Russion Imperial Stout while sitting in the hot tub outside. Here's a few more Christmas beer photos :

Overall, it was probably one of the "beeriest" Christmases ever.

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