Monday, March 15, 2010

Taste of Texas at the Ginger Man Recap

It was an absolutely gorgeous day at the Ginger Man on Sunday, a perfect day for drinking beer on an outdoor patio. I took part in their Taste Of Texas beer tasting which was presided over by General Manager, Joe Jackson. Although it was geared more towards non beer geeks, it was still fun.

One particularly interesting aspect of the tasting was that the samples of the locally brewed Kolsh and Pilsner styles were also accompanied by samples from European breweries well know for those particular styles. It helped to provide a reference point for those who may not be familiar with the styles and their characteristics. It also helped to show that both the Franconia and Shiner versions are very good and true to style. Representatives from Real Ale and Saint Arnold were also on hand and spoke briefly about their beers that were offered during the tasting. Joe (seen in photo below) also did a good job of explaining the different styles and provided historical information.

Here is the list of beers that we enjoyed:

Franconia Kolsh (w/ Sünner Kölsch)
Shiner 101 (w/ Pilsner Urquell)

St. Arnold Spring Bock
Real Ale Phonixx Double ESB
St. Arnold Elissa Cask IPA
Southern Star Burried Hatchet Stout
Real Ale Sisyphus (2008 & 2009)

Don't forget about the upcoming pints nights this week, March 17th is Pyramid glasses and the 18th is Franconia.

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