Wednesday, September 2, 2009

AllGoodBeer in Seattle and Portland

My wife and I are off to the Pacific Northwest for a week to experience all that Seattle and Portland (and everything in between) has to offer.  And, undoubtedly, that will include sampling as many of the fine beers brewed in the region as I can (or allowed).  We're also looking forward to leaving the hottest summer on record and experiencing some much cooler weather (although, it was actually pretty nice here this morning).  I've been to Seattle a few times before, but Portland will be completely new to both of us.  Portland is certainly one of the best beer cities in the country and I'm really hoping to get around to the Horse Brass Pub, Henry's Tavern and Hopworks to name but a few of the amazing beer places there.

I'll attempt to update my blog with any beer related adventures and samplings as we go, but that will depend on how busy we are.  In any case, the twitter feed will probably be a good indication of what beer things we're up to.  It's also linked to the Twitter Map application on the Beer Mapping Project website which will create a map of the beer places we've been to as we visit them.

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