Friday, September 4, 2009

AllGoodBeer in Seattle

We've had a great time in Seattle and I think we've done a pretty good job of both sightseeing and trying new beers. The beer and house-made sausage platter at Collins Pub was awesome. Its great place just a block off Pioneer Square where we took the Underground Tour.

After having sushi for dinner, we stopped off at Tap House Grill which has 160+ beer on tap. Our server appeared to be quite knowledgeable about the beer they carried and did a good job of providing details and helping with selection. When faced with that may different beers in one placed that I wanted to try, I was glad they have a build-your-own sample tray option. Although, even then it was hard to narrow it down.

Today was more sightseeing which included a stop at one of the Elysian Brewpubs. They've always been one of my favourite brewpubs and bombers of their beer to-go were only $3 (I could barely keep myself from filling the trunk of the rental car). Tonight is our last night in Seattle before heading down to Portland and even more great beer.

Beers tried in Seattle:

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Unknown said...

Jasmine IPA. Love that beer. Extremely jealous