Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Petrol Station Coffeehouse

After a few lazy pints at the Taps House of Beer on Saturday, I made my way over to the Petrol Station Coffeehouse, a former gas station turned coffeehouse / bar hidden away in the Garden Oaks / Oak Forest neighbourhood.  Its not very large inside, only 6 or 7 tables and an L shaped bar.  But, like a lot of places like this, it has very large patios in front and back.  There's also a small room off to one side that has a couple of dart boards on the wall and an old pinball machine.  The beer selection appears to have been carefully chosen.  Fourteen draft taps and two cask with no Bud/Miller/Coors in sight.  Instead, there are beers such as Stone 13th, Avery Kaiser, Victory Prima Pils and Real Ale Lost Gold IPA on cask.  They do serve actual food here (something the Ginger Man has always been lacking) with various handmade sandwiches and burgers on the menu.  I really enjoyed the curry chicken salad sandwich on fresh sourdough bread but the burgers looked pretty good too.  Its nowhere near my neighbourhood, so I don't know how often I'll make it back over.

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