Wednesday, February 12, 2014

An unValentine's Day Beer Pairing Dinner from the League Of Extraordinary Brewers

Still scrambling for something cool to do on Valentine's Day? Dislike the forced show of commitment and overspending required every year on February 14th? Then perhaps you'd be interested in the "Feast of Indifference and Non-Commitment" by the League Of Extraordinary Brewers:

"You will spend 30 minutes at each station drinking great beer and enjoying a delicious beer pairing. After 30 minutes, you must move on to the next beer style and another group of new friends. Don't like the people at your table? Who cares. You are indifferent and do not have to commit to them. Don't like sours or Thai food? Who cares! You are indifferent and in 30 minutes you might be enjoying Belgian food and brews.

Note that this event "is not about dating, for singles, or in any way geared towards finding a hook-up... We encourage couples to come and celebrate this day in a different way!"  In other words, its just a cool and unique way to experience new food and beer pairings regardless of your relationship status.  The menus will not be released in advance so that each theme will be a secret until you move to that station. Some of the beers featured will be from the League Of Extraordinary Brewers as well as other rare beers.  In total, there will be six different pairing stations and you will be required to move through each one (no hogging a station because it includes your favourite beer).

More information is available on the event Facebook page.  Tickets are $65 each and available online, but they will stop selling them promptly at 11:00am on Friday, February 14th.

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