Monday, November 1, 2010

A Divine Quest

The 10th release in the Divine Reserve series from Saint Arnold Brewing will be released tomorrow, sparking off what I've often referred to as a modern day real life It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.  Twitter will be brought to its knees as sightings are tweeted and updated.  Beer department managers at stores around the city and across the state are bracing themselves for the onslaught of phone calls and customers running into the stores searching for this elusive release.

Divine Reserve 10 is an English Barleywine that was inspired by the winning entry submitted by Chris Landis from the 2010 Big Batch Brew Bash homebrew competition.  This beer comes with an ABV of 11% and a few people I've talked to from the brewery definitely recommend giving this one a lot of cellar time before drinking it.  Of course, that's assuming you actually manage to get some to put into your cellar.  Although they managed an increase in production of about 20% over the last DR release, they had planned on a 50% increase but encountering some issues in the brewhouse due to this one's high alcohol content.  Good luck to those venturing out on their Divine quest tomorrow.

*** Update - Bars that will be featuring Divine Reserve 10 ***
Brian O'Neils already tapped a keg of DR 10 at lunch time on Tuesday.
Anvil has announced they will have DR 10 on tap Tuesday starting at 5pm when they open.
Petrol Station will be serving DR 10 Tuesday night starting at 7pm.
Mucky Duck will tap DR 10 on Wednesday at 5pm.
Flying Saucer will be pouring DR 10 as their Tap Nite on Thursday starting at 6pm.

*** Update 2 - 11-02-10 ***
Reports that the Spec's downtown, which already had people lined up at 6am, sold out of DR 10 in11 minutes.  Follow Twitter tag #DR10 for ongoing updates regarding availability and locations.


SirRon said...

Pick me up some, will ya. *click* *wink*

Steve said...

Yeah, uhm... no. The novelty of this whole thing wore off quite a few releses ago. I'll try one if I get the chance, but I'm not going out to hunt it down.