Friday, May 7, 2010

Tickets on Sale for Camp Beer III

The date for Camp Beer III has finally been announced which is June 27th from 3pm ~ 6pm and tickets are now on sale via the website. Camp Beer is a fund raising event put on by Live It Big, a non-profit organization that assists small and start-up charities to grow by raising money for them and providing administrative assistance. It's a fun and unique opportunity to learn about the craft brewing industry and taste some fantastic beers (see my Camp Beer II Recap). Tickets are $50 per person which is actually for a lecture about beer from Kevin Floyd, the beer master at the Anvil Bar & Refuge, but it also include free samples of beer. It just so happens that it's 20+ highly rated and highly sought after beers, most of which are not available for purchase in Texas. If this sounds great and you want in on the action, then you'd better hurry. Tickets for Camp Beer II sold out in less then a day. I've already got mine!

*** UPDATE 05/07/10 @ 2:00pm ***

There are 55 tickets for the Camp Beer this time (30 last time) and 40 are currently left at the time of this update. The website should be updated this weekend with the full list of beers that will be at the camp.

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