Thursday, March 18, 2010

Party with the Penguin Recap

I arrived early at the Petrol Station for the BrewDog tasting and ordered one of their awesome burgers while it was still calm and quiet. Within a couple of hours, the place was packed inside and out and the kitchen was eventually overwhelmed and stopped taking food orders. It also turned into a complete mob scene around the table outside when they began handing out the free samples of Tactical Nuclear Penguin and Sink the Bismarck. Thanks to Ted from the beer blog Barley Vine for sharing his sample of Sink the Bismark with me. I would have missed out on getting to try that one if it wasn't for him and that would have been a shame as I ended up liking it better then Tactical Nuclear Penguin. It was basically an extremely strong IPA, with citrus and pine hop flavours still managing to come through the 41% ABV. It would be great to see how this beer changes over time. Earlier in the evening they also handed out free samples of 5 A.M. Saint and Tokyo and the Hardcore was available on tap and the Paradox on cask. Black & Blue from Dogfish Head was also put on tap later in the evening and a cheer went up from the crowd as the name was written on the wall above the tap handle

In addition to getting to try six different beers from BrewDog, I got to meet a bunch of fellow bloggers and beer enthusiasts who I hadn't met before which made it even more fun. Cheers to everyone that I met and hope to have a beer with you again.

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