Thursday, February 4, 2010

U.K. Unveils Safer Pint Glass

Nearly 87,000 injuries occur a year in the U.K. due to fights involving broken pint glasses and its prompted the government to consider implementing a new safer beer glass. Apparently this is an issue that they've been working on for awhile as two new prototypes have just been unveiled:

The first new design features a clear plastic coating around the inside of the glass which can be applied to existing glasses. The second and more expensive design is a whole new glass made up of two thin glass walls bonded together with resin. Both designs prevent the glass from breaking up into shards when smashed.

Their solution just seems to addresses the number and severity of injuries, but does nothing to address the issue of the fights themselves. Won't they just hit each other with the new sturdier glass? I can't recall ever seeing a bar fight that involved someone using a smashed beer glass. Is this just an issue in the U.K.? Soccer hooligans?

The full story and more information is available at the BBC website.

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