Friday, February 5, 2010

Camp Beer II

Another Camp Beer event was announced last night and apparently half of the 30 tickets are already sold as of this morning. For $50 a ticket, the participants will be able to sample around 20 different beers, most of which are not available for purchase in Texas. Kevin Floyd, the beer master at the Anvil Bar, will also be talking about the various beers being served.

The next session will be on Sunday, March 28th from 3:oopm ~ 6:oopm and the location will be provided to those that purchase a ticket. Tickets and more information about the event, including a list of the beer that may make an appearance, is available at the website.

Well, there's now one less ticket... I just bought mine.

---- UPDATE ----

Camp Beer II is officially sold out and in less then 24hrs. If you missed out this time, its already been announced that there will be a Beer Camp III and they're doubling the number of tickets to 60.

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