Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, eh!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and relatives up in Canada. I'll have a turkey burrito in your honour. I typically make a traditional thanksgiving feast with turkey, stuffing, gravy, etc, but we're just finishing up with putting our kitchen back together after the remodel and I'm not really prepared to do all that this year. However, for those of you who are celebrating today, whether back in Canada or other places around the globe, don't forget that beer pairs very well with a turkey dinner. I suggest an amber ale or perhaps one of the Oktoberfest beers that have flooded the market recently or maybe even a Belgian trippel if you want something stronger. Everyone seems to have released a pumpkin beer this year which would probably go very well with that homemade pumpkin pie. If you're like me and don't particularly like the pumpkin beers, then you might enjoy an oatmeal stout, brown ale or an old ale instead. Post in the comments any particularly tasting pairings that you've had lately or other suggestions for pairing with a Thanksgiving dinner.

For more beer and food pairing suggestions, check the guide on the Brewers Association website.

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