Monday, September 14, 2009

GABF Event Networking Site and Tools

The new interactive website and tools that was hinted at when the list of attending breweries was announced a few weeks ago is finally available on the GABF website.  The GABF's new Event Networking Site will allow you to:
  • View an interactive map of the festival.
  • Review details about breweries and events.
  • View brewery listings by company name, booth numbers, or recently updated profiles
  • Filter brewery listings by Location, Judge Only, and Small & Independent!
  • Sort events by popularity, time, and name. Registered users can indicate which events they are attending.
Registered users can:
  • Build a personal profile.
  • Create a list of breweries they want to visit and their booth numbers.
  • Add an event, like a book signing or seminar, to their unique schedule. Schedules can be printed and/or exported to iCal or Outlook.
  • Leave comments for breweries and about events.
  • Post comments for other registered users to see.
  • Send messages to other registered users.
  • Create a list of contacts.

I've created a profile, but I haven't played around on it too much yet.  Looks like its got some pretty useful tools such as the ability to create a list of the brewery booths you want to visit.  Its only 10 days until the festival begins, so its good time to starting planning your time in Denver.

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