Friday, August 28, 2009

Belgian Beer Tasting at Block 7 Wine Company

The Block 7 Wine Company is not just a traditional wine bar, its a tasting bar with a full service restaurant and retail store.  And they don't just have wine... they have beer as well!  This Saturday from noon to 3pm, they are having their first beer tasting in the retail store:

Are you a wine lover that thinks beer is prosaic? How about a beer drinker that’s stuck on I.P.A.’s, Amber’s and Lager’s? Well… here’s some beer that will surprise you. Crisp, rich, and as complex as most great wines. In fact, we feel these are perfect crossovers from white wine to beer. Some are made to age; others are made to drink upon release. Some are spiced; some are fermented with additional fruit.

They will be offering Saison Dupont, Biere de Miel, Cuvee Rene and Deus Brut des Flandres for tasting.  All beers are available to purchase by the bottle or the case.

I assume they're wanting to offer beer that is not what the average wine drinker will think of when (or if) they think about beer.  If they want to stay away from the typical IPA's, Ambers and lagers, then I'd also suggest beers such as Allagash's Victoria Ale (brewed with Chardonnay grapes) or the barrel-aged Odyssey (aged in American oak).  There's also New Belgium's La Folie and Ommegang's Abbey Ale.  Barley wines are another style that may appeal to wine drinkers (hey, it's got wine right in the name) as it pairs well with strong cheeses and rich desserts.

I think its great to see places starting to offer better beer and give it the recognition that it deserves.  Its a step towards getting more restaurants to realize that beer does pair just as well with food as wine (arguably better and typically at a much lower price).  The Brewer's Association has a great beer and food pairing chart available on the website if you need some help or suggestions for pairings.

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