Thursday, August 27, 2009

Beer Tourism On The Rise

I love to see stories about craft brewing in the mainstream media.  CNN has an article today about the rise of beer tourism in the U.S.  The number of craft breweries in the U.S. is now at a 100 year high with over 1,500, making it pretty easy to find a brewery or brewpub almost anywhere you go.  And not only is there a large number of breweries, there's such a great variety in the styles of beer they produce.  Most craft breweries are pretty small and their beers are often only available in the surrounding region.  And in the case of brewpubs, usually only available at their location.  So getting out and visiting these places is often they only way that you'll get the chance to even try their beers.  We're heading to Seattle and Portland next week and I already have a list of great beer places to try and visit and beers to look for. 

For help with adding some beer destinations during your next vacation, check out The Beer Mapping Project website.  They have free online maps with the location of breweries, brewpubs and beer stores for most major U.S. destinations.  They also have a slick mobile interface to access the website from your smartphone while you're on the go.  I've used their site numerous times to find a nearby beer bar when travelling.


Lee said...

My two trips to Portland weren't strictly for beer (I have friends there) but it was a major factor (my friends took me to the Oregon Brewers Festival).

If I ever get the money to go to Belgium, you can damn sure bet that will be the top reason on my list.

Steve said...

Belgium was awesome and the visit to the Cantillon brewery was easily the highlight. I definitely want to go back and visit some of the trappist breweries.

Eric said...

Don't really know much beer, but visited Belgium last month and my Belgian friends are really into Trappist beers, so we all drove to visit the abbey in Westvleteren. We enjoyed the beers in the cafe across the street.

Here's a slideshow I made from this day trip.

Westvleteren Photos

Steve said...

Eric, that's awesome, thanks for sharing the photos. I'd love to get out to Westvleteren.