Friday, March 13, 2009

Socialized Beer

Okay, I'm from Canada and even I think this is just wrong. The New Brunswick government has started producing and selling a low-cost beer. Selection Lager and Selection Light are "...premium-quality, low-cost brands, which are brewed for New Brunswickers by New Brunswickers." Apparently, beer drinkers are driving to neighboring provinces and states to purchase beer for lower costs and the New Brunswick Liquor Corp is losing $12 Million a year. These two new low-cost lagers are supposed to help keep some of that money in the province by providing a cheap alternative. The beer is actually contract brewed by Moosehead Breweries. Obviously Moosehead is pretty happy with the arrangement, but the other breweries and brewpubs in the province are understandably, less then thrilled to learn their new competition is their own government! More information about the new lagers is available at the their website.

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