Sunday, March 15, 2009

Savouring instead of saving

I threw open the double doors to my beer cellar this afternoon, surveyed my growing inventory and came to the realization that... I have a lot of beer. Although, since I live in Houston, its not really a cellar, its actually just a large hallway closet. Anyway, I recently reorganized and catalogued all the beer so now I actually know what I've got. Some beers were purchased with the idea of cellaring, but some have been cellared by accident. Those are the beers that I forgot I had and those I felt needed to wait for a more special reason then a typical Tuesday to open. However, today, I decided to stop saving and start savouring. So, I reached far into the back, dug around and pulled out... Édition 2005, a Belgium Strong Dark Ale brewed by Unibroue. The production date of 11-23-2004 printed on the bottle indicates an age of just under four years and four months. Since its 10% ABV, I figured this one could stand some cellar time, and I was not wrong. It poured a deep, dark ruby colour with a nice head the dissipated quickly. Flavour is strong and fruity with a slightly sour and acidic finish. The higher alcohol is hidden well. I'm not going to waste my enjoyment by writing a full review. I intend to savour this slowly as the rain pours down and my dog lounges on my lap. Cheers.

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