Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Twelve Beers of Christmas

Walk down the beer aisle at your grocery store or beer store and you'll notice the shelves, the floor and all other available space is now filled with stacks of holiday beers. My beer cellar, fridges and pantry are usually overflowing at this time of year as well (much to my wife's dismay) as I pick up bottles of my usual holiday favourites and any new ones that I've yet to try. With all this beer around me, I've wanted to do some sort of Christmas beer series for the past few years and I'm finally getting around to it. Although I'm calling it the Twelve Beers of Christmas (I know, not exactly original) I may certainly surpass that number of posts based on the number of holiday beers on the market right now. Perhaps next year I'll change it to a Beer Advent Calendar which would give me twenty-four, but I'm getting ahead of myself as I haven't even managed to complete the first of what will hopefully be at least twelve posts before Christmas Day. Anyway, my plan is to showcase my favourites as well as some of the new ones to the Houston market. Feel free to list your own favourite holiday beers in the comments. And if you're really feeling the holiday spirit (I'm sure there's some sort of pun in there), you can always send me a few of your favourites. Cheers!

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