Saturday, December 7, 2013

Twelve Beers of Christmas - Beer Two

Goose Island - Sixth Day

Goose Island has only recently started distributing to Texas, so this is holiday beer that I haven't had before. According to the website, they "change the recipe slightly so that you have something special to look forward to" which is what Anchor Steam has been doing with their holiday seasonal since 1976.

I was surprised that it was labeled as a Brown Ale (albeit a Festive one) based on the colour in the glass and I had to let it warm up quite a bit before more characteristics of a brown ale began to emerge. Aromas of sweet malts, red licorice with a slight scent of herbal hops. Flavours of molasses and fruity esters to start which then gives way to hints of bitter chocolate in the finish. The alcohol content is 8.3% which left a bit of burn going down. But there was also an odd stringent bitterness that carried through from start to finish that dominated too much for me to enjoy it. The Bottled On date shows Sept 13 which is not that long ago, but I've tasted that same flavour in other brown ales that have been sitting around too long. A little disappointed in this one, but perhaps it's better when fresh.

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