Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Battle of Texas Beers at Hubbell & Hudson

Hubbell & Hudson in The Woodlands will be hosting a Battle of Texas Beers this Friday, July 5th and Saturday, July 6th. Everyone who votes in the "Texas Beer Drinker's Choice Awards" will be entered for a chance to win prizes, including a special Hubbell & Hudson Viking Cooking School hands-on cooking class featuring local brews.

A special preview event takes place at the Hubbell & Hudson Kitchen (located at 4526 Research Forest Drive) on Friday from 6:00pm to 9:00pm with live music and a chance to sample some of the breweries before the Battle of Texas Beers which takes place on Saturday from noon to 3:00pm at the Hubbell & Hudson Market (located at 24 Waterway Avenue).

I've been to a few past events at Hubbell & Hudson and they have a great beer selection in their walk-through cooler and I always find some great cheeses and other delectable food items to pair with them.  Definitely a worth a visit.

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