Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Petrol Station Competes for Most Bitter Bar in America

The Petrol Station is currently competing with other beer bars across the country to be named Stone Brewing's Most Bitter Bar in America:

One national winner will be named, along with a winner for each state, and one per region. Winners will receive the undying glory of being named "Most Bitter Bar" for the period of one year.

In Texas, the Petrol Station is competing against the Flying Saucer locations in Houston and Garland as well as the Meddlesome Moth in Dallas. How can you help them win this prestigious honour? Simple, go hang out at the Petrol Station (something you should do anyway) and order a beer brewed by Stone Brewing between 12:00am on June 4th and 11:59pm on June 11th. They're also opening for a special lunch on Thursday, June 9th (yeah, thats right, open for lunch on a weekday) and serving Double Dry-hopped Ruination, SSR, Cali Belgique, IPA and Belgo-Guardian with pulled pork sandwiches, chorizo mac-n-cheese and more.