Friday, February 25, 2011

Jester King Craft Beer Day at Anvil

The Anvil Bar and Refuge will be featuring six beers from Jester King Craft Brewery on Saturday, February 26th.  Starting at 4:00pm, the following beers will be available from the Austin based brewery:

Black Metal (cask)
Dry Hopped Wychmaker Rye IPA (cask)
Wychmaker Rye IPA (keg)
Boxer's Revenge Farmhouse Provision Ale (keg)
Commercial Suicide Oaked Dark Mild (keg)
Commercial Suicide aged in Whiskey barrel (keg)

Jeff Stuffings, one of the co-founders, will also be on hand to answer questions and talk about the beers.

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Texas Beer Fest said...

The black metal cask was amazing, and really glad I got to try to 'Boxers revenge.' Really great to see what they are coming out with.