Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Beers of the Holidays: Nutcracker Ale

I found a few of Boulevard Brewing's Nutcracker Ale from last year in the back of the beer fridge in the garage.  I didn't buy any this year (I'm not even sure if I've seen any on the shelf at Spec's), so this is based on a bottle of 2009 that's been sitting in the fridge for twelve months.  Sweet malts and candied fruit in the aroma.  The taste is all malts with a little hint of spices in the sweet finish.  If there was any hop bitterness to it originally, then its definitely dropped out.  Mouthfeel is still pretty creamy and it got a little better as it warmed up.  I may pick up a bottle or two from this year just to see how its aged.  I'm not typically a fan of Boulevard's regular lineup of beers, but I've definitely enjoyed their Smokestack Series of beers.


Unknown said...

I have seen this at Spec's. I am with you on their regular lineup. Some of the Smokestack is awesome. I am really missing BBQ and Dark Truth Stout. Have you tried Saison Brett?

Steve said...

I don't remember if I've tried the Saison Brett, I'd have to look back through my notes. I definitely really enjoyed their Collaboration #1. Although I was originally suspicious of the idea of an "Imperial Pilsner", it was a awesome beer.