Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pumpkin Beer Throwdown Winners

The Petrol Station hosted a Pumpkin Beer Throwdown homewbrew competition on Thursday night as part of Houston Beer Week.  One of the scheduled judges was unable to make it, so I was asked to join the esteemed panel of judges.  Each of us sampled all 16 entries and then chose our top three beers in order.  Ben Fullelove, Petrol Station owner, then tallied the votes and announced the winners:

1st Place: Mike Hon
2nd Place: Brian Coltrin
3rd Place: Mason LeGrue

Congratulations to all the winners.  It was fun to judge the beers and a great opportunity to try some really good homebrewed beers.  Pumpkin beers don't have a specific style guideline and pumpkin itself doesn't have a whole lot of flavour on its own.  Most of the flavours that you taste in a pumpkin pie, for example, comes from the spices that are added and it can be difficult to get the correct balance of those flavours in a beer.  Some of the beers had a little too much of one or another spice and some had very little or no pumpkin flavours at all.  There were a couple of beers that stood out as well made beers, but unfortunately, they didn't have enough (or any) pumpkin flavours for them to win a pumpkin beer contest.  Thanks to Ben for organizing the first Pumpkin Beer Throwdown and asking me to be a judge, hopefully he'll have more homebrew competitions in the future.

Jennifer (@txgirlspintout) &
 Rob (@IndyBrewing Brewmaster)
Ben tallying the results

Ronnie Crocker (Beer,TX -Hou Chronicle)

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