Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Final Visit to Two Rows Houston

I made what is most likely my final visit to Two Rows brewpub yesterday after work.  I went to enjoy a few final pints and pick up my mug that's been hanging above the bar for a dozen or so years.

It was actually very quiet when I arrived with only a few people scattered around the bar and restaurant areas, but both bartenders indicated the place has been packed every night since the announcement was made that they'll be closing on Oct 2nd. Everyone has been coming in for a final beer, including a couple who drove in from Austin just to pick up their mugs. There's still plenty of beer flowing though, including the new Oktoberfest that was just released. A chalkboard near the bar indicates an "Art of Darkness" series of beers that Ray Mittledorf, Brewmaster at the Houston location, was apparently working on which was to include an espresso stout and a porter. Unfortunately, those beers won't be brewed. Ray wasn't around when I was there, but I was told he is looking around Houston for locations to potentially open a new brewpub. I definitely wish him lots of luck and hope that he's able to do it.

While I sat and sipped on some of the last freshly made beers in Houston, the bartender indicated that they had also just received 140 new growlers on Friday, the first new batch that includes Ray's name on them as the brewmaster.  I couldn't resist picking up another great souvenir to go with my mug and asked for one filled with the Oktoberfest.

By the time I left a few hours later, the place was filling up and two very large groups had filled the bar area.  I'm sure it will be a complete madhouse this evening during the final $1 beer night.  If you get a chance, I recommend stopping by for a pint.  The growlers could even be a collectors item one day.

The remaining mugs above the bar


phi-style said...

Hi Steve! It was nice chatting with you and your wife last night. Always great to see local bloggers. =)


we wear things said...

Hey! Nice meeting a future 'neighbor' look forward to getting more tips on places to go around that area :)


Steve said...

Hey, it was great meeting both of you as well.