Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stash IPA on Cask at Anvil on Friday

The Stash IPA from Independence Brewing will be available on cask at the Anvil Bar & Refuge starting at 5PM this Friday. This is the first time Stash IPA has been released on cask and only the second time a beer from Independence Brewing has been available on cask. Their first cask beer was the Convict Hill Stout at the Petrol Station a couple of months ago.

The Anvil is located on Westheimer just West of Montrose Blvd. Check their website for directions and parking information and click here to see what other tasty beers they currently have on tap.

*** Update ***

The following are a few photos from the event and the first one is of Rob Cartwright, co-founder and Brewmaster of Independence Brewing. The Stash IPA cask was served using a beer engine with a sparkler making the beer very smooth and creamy.

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