Monday, May 24, 2010

Recap of Houston Ginger Man 25th Anniversary Party

I've been drinking beer at the Ginger Man since I started travelling down to Houston from my homeland of Canada in '93 and made it one of my regular spots when I ended up moving here two years later. Naturally, I had to help celebrate its 25th anniversary last weekend. I arrived at around 2pm and was surprised to see that the place was already packed. I think the staff didn't anticipate that it would be that crowded so early either as it took a while to get beer at the bar. However, the wait was worth it as there was some great beers on tap, including the Saint Arnold Bourbon Stout on cask which didn't last very long. One of my favourites of the afternoon was the 2007 Dogfish Head 120 Minute which I don't think I've ever had on tap, never mind one that was 3 years old. Happy anniversary to the Ginger Man and I hope it will be around for another 25 years.


Barleyvine said...

Bummed I didn't get a chance to make it out to Gingerman for their 25th Anniversary. Sounds like it was a great time.

Steve said...

You missed some great beers, but Joe is still sitting on a lot of special and vintage beers that he didn't get the chance to put on. Hopefully some of those will show up soon as well.