Monday, April 12, 2010

A Trio of New Beers Over The Weekend

We took advantage of the beautiful weather during the weekend and spent a great deal of time outdoors. And if you're going to be outside, then you might as well be drinking a beer which gave me a chance to open three different beers I hadn't tried before. Two were relatively new purchases but one was found in the far reaches of my cellar.

Wilco Tango Foxtrot - Lagunitus Brewing Co.

This is a relatively new release to the Texas market from Lagunitas Brewing. A dark amber colour with a thin white head. Aroma was light, but you can pick up some sweet malts and perhaps a bit of pine. Sweet malts in the flavour as well with dark fruits and caramel. Hops come through a lot more in the flavour then in the aroma. Lingering pine bitterness in the dry finish. Drinkable, but nothing particularly exciting. The website indicates its an Imperial Brown Ale and that it's "Rich, smooth, dangerous & chocolatey". I really didn't get anything to indicate its a Brown Ale or anything chocolatey about it.

Flemish Primitive Wild Ale - De Proef

This one has been in the cellar for a while, although I'm not exactly sure for how long. I think it's at least a couple of years old, but I didn't note the date when I purchased it as I usually do. Light orange in colour with minimal or no head. Farmhouse funk, grass and citrus dominate the relatively strong aroma. Starts with a mellow tartness with flavours of banana and apple. Lots of peppery spices come out as the flavour develops. Finishes very dry and with a sour green apple tartness. That sour farmhouse funkiness increases, in both the aroma and flavour, as the beer warms. Probably would have been great to enjoy with some strong cheeses.

Faro Lambic - Brouwerij Lindemans

A Faro is low-alcohol beer that's usually made from a blend of different aged Lambics and sweetened with candy sugar. Aroma is similar to other Lambic styles and smells of sweet fruits and funky yeast. Flavours of sweet tropical fruits and candy sugar with just a slight hint of tartness at the end. Reminds me of fruit cider. A little too sweet for me, I prefer a stronger tart and sour finish to help balance out the sweetness. Probably good served with a dessert though.

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