Monday, March 22, 2010

My American Mild v2.0

It was Last year around this time that I brewed a session beer that was loosely based on Pride & Joy from Three Floyds Brewing which they call their interpretation of an American Mild. Similar in style to a British mild, it has a relatively low alcohol level but with a more assertive hop profile. I was very happy with how my version of an American Mild turned out, but I did tweak the recipe slightly before I brewed it again last Sunday. I wanted it a little darker and with a bit more hop flavour but with a slightly less bitter finish. As part of those changes, I decided to use Ahtanum and Horizon for flavour and aroma this time. I've used Ahtanum in other beers and I've found it to have a nice clean finish. I hit my original gravity perfectly and I'm happy with how the brew session went. The airlock on the primary fermenter was happily bubbling away this morning, so hopefully that means I'll be sipping on my American Mild v2.0 in a few weeks.

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