Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Celebrate Texas Independence Day

On this day in 1836, representatives of the Texas settlements met in the small town of Washington on the banks of the Brazos river to declare their independence from Mexico and sign the Texas Declaration of Independence.

A great way to celebrate today would be with a few beers from any of the local Texas breweries. I'm sure after all that declaring and signing, the delegates got together at the local saloon and quaffed a few tasty brews.

For those of you who have been out to Independence Brewing, you may have noticed this flag (created by Captain William Scott in 1835 and used by those Texans who favoured independence from Mexico) hanging in the brewery as it was the inspiration for the name and logo.

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Beer Of The Day said...

It cracks me up that the two things that Texans wanted independence from in 1836--a government run by the clergy and the military--are exactly where we are heading today. I'm not for secession like that idiot Perry, but I wouldn't mind watering the Tree of Liberty with a few of those Republicans who use patriotism and liberty to try and dupe the people into voting for them.