Monday, March 1, 2010

Beer Connoisseur Magazine Party Recap

It was a beautiful day for the Beer Connoisseur Magazine party that was held out at Independence Brewing in Austin. There was couple of hundred people in attendance with quite a few arriving on the free shuttle bus from the pre-party at the Ginger Man. Although several breweries decided at the last moment not to participate, Lovejoys and North By Northwest brought some of their beers so the crowd got to sample their tasty brews as well as those from Independence.

The folks from Beer Connoisseur were great to meet and talk to and they all seemed very happy with their first party outside of their hometown of Atlanta. I also got to meet up with Chris from Beer Town Austin and Aaron from Craft Austin who came out for the party.


Chris Troutman said...

It was good to run into you again. Hopefully we can make it out to Houston soonish.

Steve said...

It was good to see you again as well. Its great to meetup and chat with other beer bloggers in Texas. We need to have some sort of organized get together and beer tasting.