Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ballpark Beer Fest in Bryan

On Saturday, March 6th from 3pm ~ 10pm is the Ballpark Beer Festival and Fajita Cookoff at the Brazos Valley Bank Ballpark in Bryan, TX. This is apparently the third annual, but I don't recall hearing about the first two. The full story is available at the Beer, TX blog, but here's the highlights:

Admission to the Ballpark is free with different price options for beer tastings:

$10 for 5 beer tastings
$15 for 10 beer tastings
Early Bird Special for $10 which includes 5 beer tastings and 3 fajitas but it can only be bought online.

There is also a VIP pass for $35 which includes:
- 6 Fajitas
- 10 (4 oz.) Beer Tastings
- front of the line pass
- special gift
- exclusive Party Deck access
- early, private access to the event: 2 pm- 3 pm
There is a limited number of VIP passes available and they must be purchased online in advance.

There's a full list of beers that will be available on the event website. After checking over the list, this looks a lot like a few other "beer festivals" that have occurred around Texas that are basically just a showcase of the brands from a particular distributor. That's not necessarily a bad thing as its a pretty big selection of beers in one spot at one time, but I also didn't see anything particularly special or hard to find. However, if its a nice day and you like fajitas and beer (and who doesn't?), it could be a good time.

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