Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Sierra 30 Project

Back in December, Sierra Nevada Brewery announced plans to celebrate their 30th anniversary with the release of four special edition beers brewed in collaboration with those who are considered to be the founders of the craft brewing movement:

Ken Grosman - Founder of Sierra Nevada Brewery
Fritz Maytag - Owner of Anchor Brewery and considered to be the godfather of craft brewing
Jack McAuliffe - Founder of the nations first micro brewery and inspiration for countless others
Fred Eckhardt - Renowned beer writer and tireless promoter of good craft beer
Charlie Papazian - Homebrewing icon and founder of the Brewers Association

A website for the Sierra 30th Project is now online and provides details of the project, the history of those involved with it and information about the four beers that have been brewed. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these specical releases will be donated to the charities chosen by each brewer.

Fritz and Ken’s Ale – Imperial Stout (Mid-March)

Charlie, Fred and Ken’s Ale - Imperial Helles Ale (Mid-May)

Jack and Ken’s Ale - American Barleywine (Mid-July)

Our Brewer’s Reserve - A blend of Oak-aged Bigfoot, Celebration Ale and Pale Ale which has then been dry-hopped (Mid-October)

These are limited-releases and will be available at select retailers and bars. Hopefully these will make their way to the Texas market.

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