Friday, February 12, 2010

Beer Apps for Android OS #2

Since my first post about Beer Apps for Andoid OS back in November, I've noticed a few more showing up in the Android Market, so I thought it was time for another post.  All of the following apps should be available in the Android Marketplace by searching for the name:

RateBeer Mobile - App that allows direct interaction with the website but a RateBeer account is required. Able to get a list of nearby beer places based on current geographic location. Often get ForceClose errors though. -- $Free

Epitome of Beer - Summarizes the beer making process, the history and aspects of the major beer styles. Caused a ForceClose error on my phone attempting to just open, was unable to test this one. -- $0.99

PHM Beer App - Beer reviews from the Perfectly Happy Man website, a team of average Joes and Janes dedicated to stellar writing, commentary and communal development on the topics of beer and brewing. -- $Free

Beer Bible - Explained as the ultimate guide for connoisseurs, home brewers and for all those who want to expand their knowledge and enjoyment of one of the world's most favorite beverage". Rather high price compared to other apps. Doesn't contain information that isn't freely available elsewhere. Info and beers for various breweries was sometimes incomplete or missing. -- $4.99

Home Brew Calculators - Various calculators for homebrewers. -- $2.99

Brewzor Brewing Calculator - Various calculators for homebrewers. -- $Free

Pint Push - Slide pints onto beer mats to score points. -- $Free

Balance the Beer - Tip the phone back and forth to keep the beer on the screen for 15 secs. -- $Free

Portland Breweries - Selectable Google Maps for breweries in the Portland, OR area. -- $Free

Asheville Breweries - Selectable Google Maps for breweries in the Asheville, NC area. -- $Free

Atlanta Breweries - Selectable Google Maps for breweries in the Atlanta, GA area. -- $Free

If you know of any other cool beer apps for Android phones, please leave a comment and I'll add it to the list.  There is also a link at the top of the page to the complete  list of all the Beer Android apps that I've found.


Anonymous said...

Android Beer Guide by MaxDroid. List by name, brewery or country. Also you can add favorite beers to tasting room.

Unknown said...

Also try The Beer Expert -- It's got a hue database, 300,000 beers and counting. You'll even find stuff in there from your local micobreweries and restaurants.