Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gifts of Beer from South of the Equator

The friend who came over last Sunday to help me drink beer brought me back a few beers from Brazil when he was down there recently for his wedding. Someone taking the time and effort to bring back beer for me while at their own wedding certainly deserves a blog post about it.

The first two are the Golden Ale and Red Ale Especial from Cervejaria Baden Baden, the third one is the Rauchbier from Eisnbahn and the fourth is Medieval from Cervejaria Backer.

Unfortunately, two of the websites indicated above are only available in Portuguese. If you want to know more about these breweries and your Portuguese is only as good as mine (nonexistent), I suggest you buy my friend Cory a pint in exchange for his translation services.

I look forward to trying these beers in the very near future and I thank my friend Cory for hauling them back for me.


Unknown said...

Good deal. Be careful with the "red ale" though. It's actually a barley wine! Drink the golden asap. Great session beer at 3.8 % and the most appetizing hint of vanilla I've had in a beer. Really cool take on a light golden ale.

Steve said...

D'oh! Thanks for letting me know its actually a barley wine, its certainly not what I would have been expecting.