Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Disappointed by the Grim Reaper

I never heard of Reaper Ale until I ran across a couple of their beers on the shelf at my local Spec's. I checked their website and they have the whole fun death theme running across all their beers and marketing in general. Seems like something that would get kind of old fast, but every brewery needs something that makes them unique and stand out, particularly in California. I guess it works, I noticed them.

As the nights get longer and the weather turns cooler, my preferences turn to darker and stronger beers and this one looked and sounded pretty dark. Their website describes Mortality Stout as a full-flavored complex brew, but I didn't find it all the flavourful or complex. Poured black as night in the glass with a creamy tan head that dissipated quickly. Mouthfeel was way too thin and almost watery. Aroma was very subdued with very light flavours of roasted malts, coffee and bitter chocolate. Finish was almost a little tart. With that name and label, I guess I was expecting something strong, heavy and menacing. Definitely disappointed.

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Beer Of The Day said...

Same way I feel about Arrogant Bastard and its progeny. Lame.