Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Branch Water Tavern to offer Artisanal Beer

Scheduled to open this fall, the Branch Water is a new modern American tavern located on Shepherd, just a few blocks South of the popular Washington Avenue strip in Houston. The menu will be "seasonally inspired, featuring local organic meat and produce, locally-sourced fish and seafood, and an extensive cured meat and charcuterie program". Sounds great, but what has me particularly intrigued is they also indicate their "Beers will be artisanal" and that the "beverage program will first and foremost be driven to match the cuisine. Cocktails, beer and wine will also change with the seasons". It certainly reads well on a press release, so I look forward to checking it out when they open and seeing how much consideration has actually been given to the beer selection.

They do have a website, but doesn't seem to be operational yet. However, you can follow their progress on their Facebook page.

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