Monday, October 26, 2009

Independence Anniversary Photos & Video

It was a great crowd for the 5th anniversary party. The line started forming early and stretched pretty long by the time the gates were opened. Everyone was given a wristband with three beer symbols on it and a wooden token. Each of the symbols on the wristband was good for one of the regular Independence beers. The wooden token could be traded in for either an 8oz glass of the Oatmeal Stout or a sample flight of the three different versions of the Jasperilla 08. Even though the crowd was large, the beer lines were relatively short after the initial surge.

Before the second band started to play, Amy Cartwright introduced the brewery staff and led the crowd in a "high five" to celebrate 5 years of brewing fresh beer in South Austin.

The regular monthly tour and tasting will resume on Saturday, November 7th at 1:00pm.

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