Friday, October 2, 2009

Beer Dinner at Pappas Bros.

Could restaurants in Houston finally be catching on to this whole crazy craft beer thing? I stumbled across another craft beer dinner in Houston, this time at the upscale Pappas Bros.

You can wine all you want but a beer is sometimes the only thing that will quench your thirst. Our inaugural Beer Dinner will feature some of our favorite lagers, ales, porters and lambics. Come see why most wine professionals are hop-heads!

For saying they are "hop-heads", there's only one hoppy beer (Dogfish Head 60 Min IPA) being served.  The rest are a mix of lagers, Belgians, stouts and porters.  The dinner takes place on Friday, October 16th, the cost is $65 per person and reservations are required.  The full menu and beers being served with each of the four courses is available here (scroll down).

I love the fact that beer dinners are starting to pop up around Houston, but I'd like to see more of them below the $50 mark (if there have been any, I haven't seen them).  The last few beer dinners I saw were at Brenner's Steak House, Hotel Icon and Cullen's American Grille, all of them upscale restaurants and for around $75.  I went to the one at Cullen's, but it was because they were serving Independence beer with one of the courses.  Even other beer enthusiasts I know have shied away from these dinners because of the cost (although, we regularly pair beer with food at home or when eating out anyway), so its even harder to get someone unfamiliar with craft beer to attend.  However, I still applaud the effort and hopefully its just the start of a stronger appreciation for craft beer in Houston. 

If anyone knows of other beer dinners coming up around town, please let me know.

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