Monday, June 1, 2009

A dog but no duck

We had to make a trip to Austin and back on Sunday and our dog Ginger and I were left with a few hours to kill before heading back home. Fortunately, Austin is a very dog-friendly city, so its not very hard to find a pub or restaurant that allows dogs on the patio. I chose the apply named Dog and Duck Pub just north of downtown. I was informed by the bartender that both dogs and ducks are indeed allowed on the patio (and yes, someone has actually brought a duck). Their patio is heavily shaded and quiet, so it was the perfect place to enjoy a pint with the dog before heading back to Houston.


Lee said...

Can't say I've ever seen a duck out back. Don't think they'd mingle well with the dogs.

Steve said...

According to the bartenders, a girl did bring a duck once. But I don't think they'd mingle well either.