Monday, May 11, 2009

New mixed sixers at the local HEB

While grocery shopping at our local HEB, I noticed the end shelf of the beer and wine section was now filled with single 12oz bottles of various craft and micro brews with a stack of empty HEB sixpack carriers nearby. Basically, you can now create your own mixed sixpack for $1.49 per bottle ($8.94 per sixpack) of whatever singles you cram in the sixpack carrier. Its not necessarily a good deal, depending on what beers you choose, but it does allow you sample different beers without having to purchase an entire sixpack of it. These create-your-own sixpack displays are certainly nothing new, but what made this display more interesting was the beer I found on the shelf. I was quite surprised to see single bottles of the Samuel Adams Imperial White and Imperial Stout since they're only sold in four-packs at around $9.50 (or more). Assuming these beers were probably on the shelf by mistake, I quietly slipped a bottle of each into a carrier as well as a few other beers that I'd been mildly interested in trying and headed for the checkout. I'll definitely need to keep an eye on their selection of singles in the future.

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