Thursday, March 5, 2009

Changes to the monthly Tour & Tasting at Independence

The size of the crowd attending the monthly Tour & Tasting at Independence Brewing has been growing each month since it started. At the most recent tour day, a line to get in started forming at 12:30 and there was easily over 500 people in attendance. Although everyone was enjoying themselves, the lines for the beer samples at both serving stations extended across the entire parking lot, making for a lengthy wait for a beer and a very busy day for the volunteers. In order to ensure a more leisurely and enjoyable time for everyone, there will be a few simples changes to future tour days. Entrance to the brewery will not be allowed before 1:00pm. Tickets for the beer samples will only be handed out until 2:00pm, but the brewery will remain open until 3:00pm for you to relax, play games and enjoy your beer. Entrance to the Tour and Tasting will remain FREE! The next Tour and Tasting day is March 7th.

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