Monday, November 10, 2008

I don't play favourites

"What's your favourite beer?" It's a question that I get asked occasionally, particularly after someone has found out that I'm such a Beer Enthusiast (sounds better then Beer Geek). "The beer that's currently in my hand" is the usual smart-ass reply, but it's probably the most correct answer. To not have a clear "favourite" seems odd to most people. I think that comes from the general lack of knowledge about the diverse styles of beer. The beer I choose to drink is typically based on the current circumstances and the style that best suits it. The beer I select from that style may also vary as flavours can vary greatly within a style. Sitting outside on a patio in the summer? A pilsner or saison. Eating grilled meat? A rauchbier or smoked porter. Pizza? A pale or IPA. Watching hockey? Depends on whether my team is winning or losing. As a Beer Enthusiast, I'm also constantly searching for new beers that I haven't tried. I've found beers that I really like, beers that are just okay and beers that I would never drink again... and sometimes they've all been from the same brewery! At any given time, there could easily be ten or more completely different beers in the fridge (much to my wife's dismay) with dozens more in my beer cellar (even more to my wife's dismay). Given the large and ever-increasing number of beers available, how could I, or more to the point, why should I, choose just one as a "favourite"?


Anonymous said...

Pride and joy, on cask in the map room

Steve said...

Mmmmmmm.... yes, it was very delicious.